Look at you there, all awesome and amazing!
I see you.
You are a focused, committed, powerful woman who: 

  • Knows there's something MORE to do. 

  • Feels a transition coming (or one has already happened and you're not sure how to proceed).

  • Knows your purpose but can't seem to shake the inner-critics.

  • Has come to the bridge you kept saying you'd cross when you got to it. 

  • Knows there's something keeping you from powerful forward movement.  



I created FEMME•TASTIC because I was stuck.  

I had been fired from a job that I loved immensely, and shortly thereafter, my wife filed for divorce.  Those were two things I was fiercely committed to - and yet I couldn't keep either of them within my reach.  I knew that somewhere in that experience, there were powerful lessons, and an opportunity to start over and do something different - do something better with my life.  

I dove into my past to learn where I had "gone wrong" to discover how to really get it right this time. I hired a straight, happily married therapist.  I read books written by old, heterosexual men with young wives who were supposed to be self-help guru power couples. I watched a lot of online videos about happiness and 'bouncing back.'

But something was always missing.

I grew weary of looking everywhere for an empowering workshop, book, speaker, coach, or mentor who UNDERSTOOD ME COMPLETELY. The leaders that I followed or sought advice from were inspirational and encouraging... right up until they asked me about my "husband." Suddenly, the wind left the sails.  

Where were the LGBTQ+ leaders and coaches I could follow? 


I dove into discovery.  I coupled my background as a leader, teacher and speaker with the energy I knew would create change in our community.  I researched and interviewed dozens of LBTQ-identified women who were in my shoes; wanting BIG change, but feeling stuck, unsupported, and unheard by their hired professional teams.  I listened to their stories and learned from them.  I then spoke to dozens of women who had really DONE IT - women who were fiercely confident, bravely powerful, and courageously, thrillingly happy.  

Taking what I'd learned, I blazed my own path to success and self-acceptance. I became my own Motivational Speaker.  

It wasn't easy. It took focused, daily dedication to my whole, complete, MAXIMUM self.  Once I was back (and feeling better than I'd ever been), I knew this wasn't something I could keep to myself.  I colored outside the lines to build something that would help women like me.  

I created a system that worked.

I look back at the "old me" with fondness.  Had I never been THERE, I wouldn't have learned how to get HERE; a place where I feel empowered to create change every day.  A place where mistakes are welcome. A place where my own self-worth isn't tied up in someone else's eyes. A place where I move forward, every day, towards a clear, concise goal.  A place where I love myself more than I ever have before.  

I'm not perfect.  I still have self-doubt.  I still get sad.  I still get scared about my future.  I still ask myself for guidance and come up short on answers.  But I know how to recognize those moments and move forward through them.  


“Life was literally spinning out of control for me, I couldn’t even do the little things. I had a negative outlook, perspective and thoughts. Since working with Sari, I am back to myself. I look at life differently, I take on tasks that are challenging me to be an ever better version of myself. I have a plan, I have goals, and I am achieving them... Thank you Sari!”
— A.M.
  • Stay focused on the values you hold high - the most important pieces that fuel your fire.  
  • Prevent yourself from being snowballed by other's demands. 

  • Stop sleepwalking through your life. 

  • Remain true to your own path and your powerful goals. 

  • Fall in love with yourself.

  • Recognize when you're telling a 'story' versus being raw and authentic. 

  • Learn how to send the devil on your shoulder away on vacation.  

  • Find out when to say "no," so that you can always be ready to say "HELL YES!"

  • Stay focused on your Big Picture at all times.

  • Discover who you can call on for support and encouragement (hint: you already know her).  

Sari’s intuitive connection was right on track with me. Her guidance is real - she has a gift!
— Kathryn H.

FEMME•TASTIC is a four-week one-on-one Intensive that will connect you to your intrinsic power and ability to be ALIVE.  This is not for the faint of heart. This is a deep dive that demands you show up ready to face your fears, conquer your goals, and kick procrastination to the curb.  

Receive laser-focused coaching each and every week.  You and I will work together to uncover the truth behind the stories you've been telling yourself. We will dive into your dreams and find clarity where you feel clouded. You'll hear yourself say crazy, permission-granting things you've never dared to speak.  You will wake up, and begin the path toward success. 

Are you ready?

Femme•Tastic begins when you are ready, and will run for four consecutive weeks. Each coaching session is approximately one hour.

BONUS: Contact me for more information before April 30, 2015 to receive a fifth week free.